Thursday, April 24, 2014

Amazing New Mad Muncle Artwork from Brad Fraunfelter, cover artist for Knight of Flame

I was so excited about the new Mad Muncle artwork that I forgot to launch it on my blog. So here goes. Ahem...ladies and gentlemen, fans of all things amazing and wonderful, I'm thrilled, and a bit overwhelmed truth be told, to present the Mad Muncle. Behold!

The Mad Muncle's Forge

This gorgeous piece was created by the amazing Brad Fraunfelter. That's him to the right. Seems like a happy fellow, don't you think?

Through the use of modeling, photography, lighting, and other...artisticy (I've been told that's the technical term) type things, he creates beautiful images full of light and color and awesome. Check out the composite below, taking us from concept sketch to finished work. Magical!

And to think, it all started with his cover sketch of an intense fireball, Develor Quinteele, the sixth Knight of Flame.

Brad's done many book covers and other magnificent pieces. You can find more great examples of his work, a glimpse behind the curtain into his process, and even buy prints at Brad Fraunfelter Illustrations. Check him out.

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